The Onliners educational series in 360/VR and standard video

360 Trailer  (Remember to use your finger/mouse to take a look around)

The Onliners is an animation series aimed at young people ages of 5 years and above.  It is an exploration of life online and the challenges that young people are facing on the internet today.  The Onliners provides education while exploring the internet and entertaining the viewer. Characters faces are not animated and robotic voices are used to highlight the differences of interaction online where we cannot be sure of people’s identities and intonation.

It’s Game On…  Working in teams of three, computer gamers from around the world compete to create a computer an online game.  The top 3 gaming teams, as voted on by thousands of online viewers, will win a trip online to explore the internet from the inside.

Educational Notes and discussion points for teachers and parents available for each episode.

Ep 1. The Onliners – It’s Game On

Protecting your privacy online

Ep 2.   The Onliners winners of the challenge

A look at various parts of the WWW, to give an overview of the many different options available online.  This aims to explore the scope of the internet.

Ep 3. The Onliners nearly go to school

Email security, morphing and identity altering, alternate search engines and managing incidents online are explored.

Ep 4. The Onliners go gaming

The Onliners encounter bullying in a gaming environment.

Ep 5. The Onliners explore digital footprints

A visual experience of a digital footprint.  How and what information is collected and sorted online.

Ep 6. The Onliners race to redirect

How websites are reached online. What is a Domain Name and why we have them.

Ep 7. The Onliners test a new game

Online tracking, how and why it is occurring.  How to block online tracking.

Ep 8. The Onliners explore a Data Research Centre

This episode explores various elements of the web

  • Bullying – how much is occurring and possible options when it occurs
  • Online tracking – how much data is being collected
  • Artificial intelligence and how it is used
  • How people may disguise their identity online
  • Emoji’s and how popular they are

Ep 9. The Onliners – Yeah! We made it

The episode is to reassure young people the bullying and harassment online will end.  It explores the possible ways to seek help for bullying and reinforces that it is ok to seek help when someone is being bullied.  The episode also demonstrates that many young people are being bullied online and that support is available and often required to stop the bullying.

Ep 10. The Onliners visit the helpdesk

This episode explores grief and the various stages of grief.  The episodes aims to demonstrate the pain of grief and how time and various supports can assist in the healing process.  The episodes highlights talking, drawing, music and exercise as support tools for a person facing the challenge of grief.

Ep 11. The Onliners  – We’ve got this.

This episode looks at change and managing change.  It explores what happens when communication breaks down and how to respond when events are out of your control.  It also explores the way data is sent around the world in underground cables.

Ep 12 The Onliners – Quick Click Checkup

This episode encourages people to check their security settings often on all devices and apps.  It explores some of the different settings to look out for to assist in staying safe online.


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