Pro360duction previously trading as Kerry’s Computer Company grew from a passion to support and educate people in utilizing technology to the fullest. Since 2003, the business has provided computer repairs,  one-on-one and group-training for local individuals, schools and business’s.  We also provide video training for children and adults in 2d and 3d animation.  We have proudly directed and produced 3 series of ‘The Computer Show’ as seen on Briz31.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

Nelson Mandela

About Kerry

Kerry Hurst has a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Ecommerce and is a strong advocate for Child Safety Online. For over 15 years, Kerry has actively raised awareness about the threats young people face on the internet and assisted many parents to effectively manage child safety online.

Kerry has also worked as a youth worker and was a counsellor at Kids Help Line for 4 years. Over the years, she has developed a strong foundation in communication skills and an understanding of the challenges parents face in protecting their children online.  She has assisted many parents in keeping their children safe online.

Staying up-to-date with technology is an ongoing challenge for parents. Some find it overwhelming to understand, integrate and address the increasing online threats to their children’s safety. Kerry provides up-to-date information on technology protection to address security threats. Her personable, no-nonsense style guides people across the bridge from confusing technical jargon to a genuine understanding of technology and staying safe online.

Kerry is a regular guest speaker on various IT topics including online safety to both adult and children groups.

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